Commercial Real Estate Loan Products

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Our Advantage

Silverthread Capital, LLC is focused on the needs of entrepreneurial real estate owners. Because our parent Sutherland Asset Management (NYSE: SLD) has a sole focus within real estate lending, we at Silverthread have unique insight and access providing us the ability to deliver customized financing solutions for entrepreneurial investors. Silverthread has a ‘sister’ company called Ready Cap Commercial. Both Silverthread and Ready Cap are held within and part of Sutherland. Silverthread therefore has direct access to the very competitive loan programs offered by our partner Ready Cap.

Silverthread Capital, LLC has exclusive access to the best loan products for commercial and multi-family assets. Borrowers are assured fast-track processing, complete transparency and best pricing.

We work hard for our borrowers with an emphasis on providing multiple options because we know one-size-does-not-fit-all. In addition to working with our partner Ready Cap Commercial, we successfully work through our correspondent relationships such as credit unions, banks, insurance companies, CMBS and Fannie Mae platform.

Silverthread is owned and operated by veteran commercial real estate professionals with a sole focus on the middle market. The company dedicates all of its resources to the service of middle market owners. Silverthread does not sell, manage, lease or own properties. We exist to service our borrowers.

Commercial Real Estate Financing Rates

Office, Industrial, Retail, Single Tenant, Loan Programs

 Term LVT  Interest Rates Interest Only*  ‘Good News’ Funding*
 5 Yr. 75% 3.85% – 4.80% 1 Yr.  Yes
 7 Yr. 75% 4.00% – 5.20% 2 Yr.  Yes
10 Yr. 75% 4.75% – 5.95% 3 Yr.  Yes 

* Based on a case by case review

Multifamily Loan Programs

 Term LVT  Interest Rates Interest Only*  ‘Good News’ Funding*
 5 Yr. 75% - 80% 3.48% – 5.25% 1 Yr.  Yes
 7 Yr. 75% - 80% 3.75% – 5.35% 2 Yr.  Yes
10 Yr. 75% - 80% 4.15% – 5.50% 3 Yr.  Yes 

** Correspondent Banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Insurance and Specialty Finance Companies
* Based on a case by case review

Bridge Non-Recourse

 Term LVT  Interest Rates
 2, 3, 5 Yr. Up to 75% From L + 450

* Silverthread affiliated

Owner Occupied

 Term LVT  Interest Rates
 25 Yr. Up to 90% From 3.5%

* SBA 504, SBA 7a, Banks, Insurance and Specialty Finance Companies


 Market Index  Rate
 Prime Rate  4.25%
 10-Year T-Bill  2.20%
 Libor (6-Mo)  1.47%
 10-Year Swap Rate  2.18%